Saioda App is a project owned by SAIODA.


Saioda is a dynamic and interactive game that is addressed to users over 16 years old and a promotional and marketing tool for issuers (companies) that launch campaigns through Saioda App.


The user (the player) is any individual who uses Saioda App and the Services provided by SAIODA. The app fits any smartphone model with Android or IOS operating system. The user can use Saioda App and SAIODA Services by respecting the following steps:

1. Download the App

Saioda is free to download from Google Play or App Store. Enable Internet connection is necessary to install the app on users phone.

2. Registration

It is done using the user data ("e-mail address" and "password"). The user must provide correct and complete registration data.

3. Search and collect vouchers

Vouchers are discounts offered by issuers to the products they sell. The vouchers are of three types:

• Value vouchers - discounts are offered in amounts of money, for example 10 lei of the value off the product

• percentual vouchers - for example 10% off the value of the product

• Jackpot – products or fixed value vouchers for multiple products (the amount is set by the issuer).

In order to be able to see, search and capture vouchers, the user must allow to the app the access to location. Vouchers have different forms (animals, fantasy, plants, objects, toys, etc.).

4. Use the vouchers

Captured vouchers will be displayed in the discounts list of the user account. The vouchers collected can be validated in retail centers with the help of the code that will be shown to the retailer agents or to the appointed staff. After using vouchers, the user must mark the voucher/s as used (any attempt to fraud the system or abusive use is punished by law).



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The Issuer is any legal entity that uses the platform and / or the Saioda App in the purpose to launch promotional and marketing campaigns that offer discounts on the products it sells and makes market analysis through the app.

The platform offers a lot of benefits to the issuer: advertising, easy penetration of the market, new customers, expansion and internationalization, detailed marketing analysis, very good voucher management, increased sales and costs reduction.

The platform can be used by a wide range of legal entities (large shopping centers, stores, online stores, restaurants, pubs, specialized stores, etc.).

In order to create a campaign, the issuer must register on the platform by providing the necessary data for registration (name, address, VAT number, registration certificate number, bank name, bank account, e-mail address, website, authorized person, e-mail address). Also, the issuer must upload two documents – VAT/Registration certificate and Identity Card of authorized person and company’s logo. Uploaded documents must have mandatory pdf format and the logo in png format. If the logo is not uploaded, it will be generated a default logo by the app's administrators.

Once the data is uploaded the issuers can create the first campaign. The account and the campaign will be validated within a minimum of 48 hours and a maximum of 7 days by Saioda Administrators.



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A campaign can be created in the "New Campaign" section and each field must be filled with the required information.

CAMPAIGN TITLE: Choose a suggestive and brief title according to the current campaign. Pay attention, users will see the title at notifications.

BRAND NAME: Enter the name of the brand or of the store. With the help of this name users will search the locations on map.

CAMPAIGN DURATION: The recommended period for a campaign is minimum 1 month and maximum 1 year. Select the campaign duration according to results you want to achieve (for example: if you want visibility and promotion, we recommend a short campaign with a small number of vouchers and initiation of several successive campaigns, so that users receive frequent notifications. If you want more customers at your physical store, campaign duration can be maximum).

The campaign duration is selected by clicking on the desired start date and clicking on the end date or entering it manually in the box where the calendar is displayed.


Choose the type of discount you want to offer. Fill the fields below with:

Discount type

fix discount – the discount is granted in fixed amounts (for example 10 lei off the value of a product or 10 lei off the value of a product having the minimum amount of 200 lei)

percentage discount - the discount is granted in percent (for example 10% off the value of the product)

Number of vouchers: enter the number of vouchers that will be granted for the selected discount type

Discount value: enter the amount of discount (fixed or percentual) which is granted on product

Currency: select the currency in which discount is granted

MULTIPLE CAPTURE: Enabling the button, you will allow a user to capture more than 1 voucher during the campaign, otherwise user will be able to capture only one voucher

AVAILABILITY: Choose the availability period of vouchers by scrolling the progress bar. The availability period of the vouchers starts when they is captured by users.

VOUCHER TITLE: Choose a suggestive title. When users capture the voucher, they will see the voucher title, type of discounts and description of product.

CHOOSE YOUR MOCK-UP: Each mockup has color variations to match the voucher types selected in campaign. The first chosen mockup is for free (in a campaign can be used multiple mockups or the same mockup with color variations). External mockups are not accepted!

A selected mockup in a campaign can not be used by another issuer at the same time (the mockup will no longer be featured in the available mockups gallery).

ATTENTION! Be decided when you choose a mockup! If you want to change the mockup after you introduced all vouchers, you have to delete all and restart the procedure at 'add discounts' section.


We can create custom mockups for a fee, our designer is at your disposal. If you want a custom mockup to better represent your company or products, we look forward to your email with a short description of the mockup at . Our designer will contact you in the shortest time possible.

LOCATION: Choose the area where you want vouchers to be generated on map. You can select multiple locations: locality, county, city or country.



To this section are introduces the jackpots. Your company can offer products or fixed amount vouchers (example of products: an X brand phone, example of fixed amount voucher: 100 lei for any product from Y range). These vouchers are the most wanted and we recommend their conditional use (for example the user can benefit of a captured Jackpot if he captured and used previously a fix or percentage voucher, if he filled the survey and if he bought products or services from your company’s network at least of 1000 lei in the last year).

In the first field enter the name of the product and in the next field describe the product in details. The next step is to choose the jackpot mock-up by activating the "Choose model" button. After selecting the mock-up, click on "Add" button and place the jackpot on the map manually by clicking on the Drop pin.

Drop pin: You will put Jackpot on map manually according to selected locations above.

CONTINUE: the button will take you to the next page. Make sure all data are introduced because the step is irreversible.


Discount codes are generated automatically. If the issuer wants to import its own codes will activate Auto generate button to import them. ATTENTION! Only CSV files can be imported. Each voucher will have a code according to the imported ones by the Issuer or issued by the app's administrators. Based on this code, users can validate captured vouchers depending on the chosen option, online or in the retail space.

At Jackpots, the discount codes are entered manually if the issuer wants to enter own codes.


Payment to SAIODA will be made only by card via the online payment service euplă Payment will be made once with Issuer account and the first campaign creation. After payment and campaign validation by SAIODA, the invoice will be issued.